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Additional information

To print runtime configuration / statistics, you can send SIGUSR1 signal to running process.


Example output:

INFO server: current configuration:
INFO server: -> resolver: 'ClientNamesResolver'
INFO server:      singleNameOrder = "[2 1]"
INFO server:      externalResolver = "upstream 'tcp+udp:'"
INFO server:      cache item count = 7
INFO server: -> resolver: 'QueryLoggingResolver'
INFO server:      logDir= "/logs"
INFO server:      perClient = false
INFO server:      logRetentionDays= 7
INFO server: -> resolver: 'MetricsResolver'
INFO server:      metrics:
INFO server:        Enable = true
INFO server:        Path   = /metrics
INFO server: -> resolver: 'ConditionalUpstreamResolver'
INFO server: = "parallel upstreams 'upstream 'tcp+udp:''"
INFO server: -> resolver: 'CustomDNSResolver'
INFO server: runtime information:
INFO server: MEM Alloc =                 9 MB
INFO server: MEM HeapAlloc =             9 MB
INFO server: MEM Sys =                  88 MB
INFO server: MEM NumGC =              1533
INFO server: RUN NumCPU =                4
INFO server: RUN NumGoroutine =         18


To send a signal to a process you can use kill -s USR1 <PID> or docker kill -s SIGUSR1 blocky for docker setup

Debug / Profiling

If http listener is enabled, pprof endpoint (/debug/pprof) is enabled automatically.

List sources

Some links/ideas for lists:



Use only blacklists from the sources you trust!


List of public DNS servers


DNS server provider has access to all your DNS queries (all visited domain names). Some DNS providers can use (tracking, analyzing, profiling etc.). It is recommended to use different DNS upstream servers in blocky to distribute your DNS queries over multiple providers.

Please read the description before using the DNS server as upstream. Some of them provide already an ad-blocker, some filters other content. If you use external DNS server with included ad-blocker, you can't choose which domains should be blocked, and you can't use whitelisting.

This is only a small excerpt of all free available DNS servers and should only be understood as an idee.


I will NOT rate the DNS providers in the list. This list is sorted alphabetically.