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If http listener is enabled, blocky provides REST API. You can browse the API documentation (Swagger) documentation under


Blocky provides a CLI interface to control. This interface uses internally the REST API.

To run the CLI, please ensure, that blocky DNS server is running, then execute blocky help for help or

  • ./blocky blocking enable to enable blocking
  • ./blocky blocking disable to disable blocking
  • ./blocky blocking disable --duration [duration] to disable blocking for a certain amount of time (30s, 5m, 10m30s, ...)
  • ./blocky blocking disable --groups ads,othergroup to disable blocking only for special groups
  • ./blocky blocking status to print current status of blocking
  • ./blocky query <domain> execute DNS query (A) (simple replacement for dig, useful for debug purposes)
  • ./blocky query <domain> --type <queryType> execute DNS query with passed query type (A, AAAA, MX, ...)
  • ./blocky lists refresh reloads all white and blacklists


To run this inside docker run docker exec blocky ./blocky blocking status